Best Technology (Shenzhen) Inc. (stock code 833204) was founded in 2005, which acted as the main agent of Lubrizol Advanced Materials (a wholly owned subsidiary of Buffett) and Celanese of America. We’ve been being the largest distributor in China.

In 2009 we started to research & develop “No Vapor” technology soft oil bag technology and got the approval & support of CNPC. We now have become a company with a number of independent patents technologies and innovative brands. Also we have become specified supplier to Huawei, Amazon, YanChang oil etc giant enterprises of communications, electronics, energy.

 The company has six subsidiary corporations. We have built up a complete industrial chain layout of Elastomer materials – Compounding materials – Oil & water pipes - Special multilayer film – Oil tank & bag - Oil energy.

On August 11, 2015 Best Technology (shenzhen) Inc listed. (code no.: 833204).