Bestmers® brings the elastomeric products combination with wide scope from 60 Shore A soft to 85 Shore D, meeting various high performance requirements of customers. For example:

★Outstanding abrasive resistance

★Transparency and optical clarity

★MVT moisture-penetrability

★Low compression set

★High speed forming, reducing injection cost

★Chemical stability: flame retardant, oil, solvent and hydrolysis resistance

★Co-extrusion or 2k injection molding applications

★Low temperature flexibility (-40℃) and impact resistance character

We specially developped self-luminous pipes that can absorb various kinds of light sources and shine in dark environment, which widely used in fire fighting & mines.

For the long term development of company, we built a special team and established one database with tens of thousands color basic materials in one and a half year. We now can provide color formulas fast and accurately, assuring color consistent under different light sources. In addition, the equipment corrects color with worldwide unified standard, making it the highest level in the world. At present only less than ten enterprises have the similar color matching system, while among them only our company has soft elastomer materials data. Besides, we applied for the invention patent of soft elastomer color matching method.

Best Advanced Materials is also devoted in providing modification materials with different performance requirements: permanent static conductive elastomer, self-luminous elastomer, flame retardant 94V-0, low smoke, halogen-free and beam burn IEC-60332-3 cable material, soft & fine matt surface, UV resistance, antifungal, static conducitivity, FR & anti-static, high speed forming, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, odor free and so on.


The functional films integrate high preventing of oil & gas volatilization and permanent static conductivity. Liner tanks made with this film can decrease 99.93% of volatilization. The daily volatilization volume is only 9ppm, which can regard as no volatilization. The successful research & development of this complex film provides solid basis for the development & realizing of other advanced products, such as soft oil tank without volatilization, tank liner bag, non-excavation oil tank repairing, non-excavation double layer tank modification and so on.