The functional films integrate high preventing of oil & gas volatilization and permanent static conductivity. Liner tanks made with this film can decrease 99.93% of volatilization. The daily volatilization volume is only 9ppm, which can regard as no volatilization. The successful research & development of this complex film provides solid basis for the development & realizing of other advanced products, such as soft oil tank without volatilization, tank liner bag, non-excavation oil tank repairing, non-excavation double layer tank modification and so on.

This is a innovation technology in the world. It sets one layer of lining bag in mental tank, forming a secondary protective layer and separating oil & gas. It can reduce 99.93% of oil & gas volatilization. According to the investigation of SINOPEC, oil & gas volatilize 0.99% during oil refinery shipping to automobile. If annul using gasoline amounts 80 million tons in our country, it means there are about 800 thousand tons oil & gas valatilized into the air each year. The non lalatilization technology solves these problems together: safety, environmental protection, energy saving, leakage defending and non-excavation modification, which made it one really innovative technology benefiting the country and people.

When oil warehouses are in emergency, using our system of soft pipes and oil tanks we can move the oil products very fast to safe area. After danger eliminated, with the same system we can remove the oil products back so as guaranteed the maximum safety and avoided environment pollution.

The high strength soft oil pipeline & city emergency water pipeline, high pressure water pipeline for exploring shale gas are widely used in America. Chongqing, China also largely uses it for shale gas exploring.

The embedded tanks at oil stations corrode for long term. It will seriously pollute environment and underground water in case of oil leakage. While with this technology we can carry out non-excavation repairing for these oil tanks.

The non-excavation pipeline repairing application in old districts.