The functional films integrate high preventing of oil & gas volatilization and permanent static conductivity. Liner tanks made with this film can decrease 99.93% of volatilization. The daily volatilization volume is only 9ppm, which can regard as no volatilization. The successful research & development of this complex film provides solid basis for the development & realizing of other advanced products, such as soft oil tank without volatilization, tank liner bag, non-excavation oil tank repairing, non-excavation double layer tank modification and so on.

The composite coating materials of TPU complex waving layer are widely used in soft oil tank, oil sac, air-drop oil bag, water storage tank, water prevention & storage construction and so on. The permanent antistatic film also widely used in the data center computer room, the package, transportation and assembling protection of precision electronic components. It’s used as automobile protective pad in North America too.


Present application

★Storage and transportation of soft tank

★Oil and gas separation membrane


★Waterproof and oil resistant construction


★Industrial air bag


★Architectural glass pad

★Hot melt adhesive film


★Bullet-proof glass


★Interior components of automobile


★Protective package


★non-excavation double layer tank repairing


★Repairing of non-excavation oil tank